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Perinatal Mental Health

through counselling and research from conception, through loss, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

No mother should be left without the support she needs. I primarily offer counselling online and in person for those parents struggling with conception, pregnancy, loss, postpartum and beyond. For more information click here. 



For over a decade my research has focused on the neuroscience of motherhood and the role of maternal mental illness and antidepressant medications on braina nd behaviour of the mother and offspring. For more on my research click here.

There is a growing need to understand  the changes in the parental brain in health and disease. I am always available to speak about what we know, what we don't know, and how to move forward. For more on my media and speaking click here.

Understanding how to improve maternal mental health and its treatment is the focus of my research, advocacy and, more recently, my focus as a counselor. ​

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