Talks in 2019-2020

  • La dépression périnatale est-elle une dépression comme les autres ? Comment affecte-t-elle le nouveau-né ? Colloque WAIMH France Lyon

  • Plasticity in the Parental Brain: Implications for Perinatal Mental Illness and Its Treatment. Marce Society of North America 2019 meeting, Chapel Hill, North Caroline, USA. (Keynote)

  • Parental Brain Plasticity: Implications for Perinatal Mental Illness. GOLD Perinatal Online Learning. 

  • Long-term sexually differentiated effects of perinatal SSRIs on social behaviors and neuroplasticity. Mediterranean Neuroscience Society meeting. 

  • Perinatal SSRI exposure effects on social behaviors and neuroplasticity: role of fetal sex. Perinatal Origins of Neuropsychiatric Diseases meeting.

  • Perinatal SSRI medication and maternal brain plasticity: interactions with maternal stress. International Association for Women’s Mental Health. 

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