“To move forward, we need people to acknowledge the value and importance of the transition to parenthood”

The New York Times
This Is Your Brain on Motherhood by Jenni Ritters


"I always believe that if we can actually prevent maternal mental illness or if we can effectively treat the mum then everyone is going to be healthier"

Thiird Magazine

Why we should be reaching out to mothers and birthing people when we talk about mental health. bFrancisca Quádrio


“Of course, our brains are changing—forming new connections, changing physiology, etc—in response to experiences, diet, exercise, but arguably not at the same rate, or as much, as during adolescence and the transition to parenting—" 

'Mommy Brain' is Real but Needs a Rebrand, by Fiorella Valdesolo


À Rennes, des chercheurs travaillent sur le baby blues

France 3 Bretagne (TV)

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Entering into motherhood is “a major event” for the brain


The Boston Globe

Motherhood brings the most dramatic brain changes of a woman’s life by Chelsea Conaboy

Podcast Interviews

Image by Michael Fenton

“Mom Brain is a superpower and I hope we start rebranding it as such. It is a force making us into the parents that we are.”

Inspire the Mind
Mom Brain Rebranded by Dr Jodi Pawluski