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Supporting Brain Health

during matrescence, parenthood, and beyond


Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy sessions for parents and non-parents. I believe in the value of supporting brain health and using evidence-based techniques in a way that suites you. I accept clients in the EU, UK and elsewhere. I'm unable to accept clients in the USA or Canada. Booking online. Get in touch if you have any questions.


The Neuroscience of Parenting and Perinatal Mental Health 

I'll be teaching this online course for health care professionals who want to improve their knowledge of how the brain changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period in birthing and non-birthing parents. We will look at the science of 'mommy brain' and the negative narrative that often occurs when we talk about the brain and motherhood, how to modify this, and how to rethink the brain in parenthood.

We will also focus on understanding what brain changes are associated with perinatal mental illness, looking at how mental load, stress and disease can impact the parental brain. Finally, we will cover how to ‘protect’ the parental brain and what factors can improve brain health, including psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. 

This course aims to provide science-based facts about the amazing changes that occur in the brains of parents and also provide insight into what factors can contribute to brain health and illness.

The course is hosted by Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings.

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Harness Your Motherhood Brain to Thrive

I've teamed up with Dr Jen Hacker Pearson to give you a brief introduction into how your brain really changes with motherhood and how this can benefit you. It's self-paced and available now. 

Mom Brain Prep

More Fall 2024

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