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Understand Your Motherhood Brain

I've teamed up with Dr Jen Hacker Pearson to give you a brief introduction into how your brain really changes with motherhood so you can understand a bit more about what you're going through.

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2 PhD-qualified neuroscientists, psychotherapists and mothers
Science-backed information about your brain on motherhood
An informed you, so you can thrive in motherhood



Dr Jodi Pawluski will introduce you to some key concepts related

to the following (30 minutes):

  • The science of Mommy Brain / Baby Brain

  • How your brain really changes with motherhood

  • Whether non-birthing parents have brain changes too


Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson will explain the following (30 minutes):

  • What matrescence is and how it manifests

  • How the brain changes Jodi discussed may affect your experience of matrescence

  • Other factors that influence your matrescence experience

  • How you can use the neuroplasticity of your motherhood brain (it’s ability to adapt to mothering) to train your brain to thrive in matrescence.

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